When every day feels like a struggle, When your life seems messed up, You do things that aren't right When you feel how tough is life. You talk too much or not at all, You feel like maybe it is your fault, You doubt yourself, and you hate yourself for this You start thinking about... Continue Reading →


Grudges and Scars

Because if there is good, there is also bad. Some people will uplift, and some will stab. But I suggest you to forgive them, and leave them with their dubiousness. Because that's not who you are, To hold grudges, and to regret every scar.  


cz when you will come back, My scars would’ve stopped hurting. When you will come back, I will tell you to continue your life. When you will come back, You would've made me strong enough. When you will come back, I won't need you anymore. cz you don't destroy people you love, And darling, history... Continue Reading →


I was alone and I looked at the stars So beautiful but yet so far Clear sky and the moon so bright Oh wao! what a peaceful night. Rose in one hand and coffee in one I remember all those times, but now we are done.

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