hello everyone,

first of all, I welcome you all to my happy place, my little world of blogging. I started this blog almost a year back and it has been a wonderful and a liberating experience. earlier I used to write on the back of my notebooks or sometimes on my laptop.then my brother introduced me to blogging and I am really really thankful to him.  I created this blog and my life just changed after that. I think blogging has made me more aware and humble now because I keep reading about people’s lives, about the things they are dealing with, the health issues, problems such as depression, anxiety, cancer, and whatnot. 

this community is so strong and you won’t realize it till you come here, it feels like home, it’s like you can talk to anyone about anything, people here won’t judge you and my motive is also to share my gifts with everyone here, to make them believe that they are not alone. to get inspired and also to inspire, to connect with each one of you.

I started writing poetry and quotes. I used to write in English and now I write in Hindi too. my genre is basically romance and motivation. I also write articles about mental health and other social issues. I’ve also started doing product reviews and I think I will soon start doing DIYs too. 

let’s make this world a little less cruel, let’s write our hearts out.

let’s connect with each other. HAPPY BLOGGING. 😉



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