first of all, you can’t change an introvert into an extrovert. EVERRRR!..
I know it’s really disappointing for you to read this in the first line itself, right?
but this is what it is.
they might act like one but trust me the roots never change.
hello, my name is…well, doesn’t matter what my name is. I AM AN INTROVERT and this should be enough.
I completed my college, actually survived it because I can’t stand crowds for long hours. of course I love socializing, I also like to hang out with people, but after some time I need to go into my own little space and just relax. that’s who I am and that’s how I function. and I would like to give a little note here, I don’t hate humans, but I definitely hate those who don’t accept people as they are, critics in general.
all my life I’ve heard ” why don’t you talk much? ” ” why don’t you mix up with people? “. all my childhood my parents have forced me to play with children who never really liked me. why? why am I still expected to be with people who talk shit about me behind my back? why am I supposed to be with people who just gossip, who have nothing productive to do?
there were too many questions that I kept asking myself till I was 19 and I think I’ve got the answers now which I am in no way sharing it with you all because I want you to find them out yourself.

so the thing that extroverts are seen as leaders, as confident people started bothering me when I was 12. whoever came to my house, used to label me as the shy one, the afraid one. nobody knew my spirit, nobody even cared to find out who I really was, all they wanted was attention by making me feel guilty about myself.Β  you know you are a really bad person, a really really bad one when you make someone guilty of who they are and make them hate themselves a little more as if it wasn’t enough.

I have seen extroverts belittling introverts many times. I just want to ask a question to those people, what are you so proud of? there are so many things which introverts do better than you people. they are good at thinking, visualizing. they are great artists, writers, researchers, creators. also good at academics and even leading the team. also, some successful entrepreneurs are introverts. so what are you so proud of my dear? that you can gossip? , well, do that because we are not really interested in doing that.



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      1. Yesterday was my best friend’s marriage and i didn’t attend bcoz am an introvert πŸ˜€ she is angry with me but what to do 😦 extroverts never understand introvert 😦 hmm

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      2. to some people we are weird..unpredictable..loners..the ones who alway cancels the plan..haha.. but hey that’s how we are..we are not bad people..just different..
        And about your friend..she will understand.😊😊🌸


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