How do I manage to pay for my expenses in a city like Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is expensive in terms of rent. And It’s been only four months that I have started working a full-time job here. And 2/3rd of my salary goes into my rent. So where does the rest of the money comes from if not from my salary?   In today’s times, you can not depend on... Continue Reading →

THE TRAUMA and the desire to achieve greatness.

first of all, by achievements, I don't mean materialistic things, what all I mean is happiness, contentedness, and satisfaction. we all carry some kind of baggage with us, right?  it's different for different people but we are always carrying it. there is no difference between us and a kid who tries to pull the luggage... Continue Reading →

I see your suffering!

I see how desperately you want to sleep at such an odd hour.   It's 7pm and you are lying to everyone that you have had dinner. There are guests about to come and you are silently praying that they don't ask about you. A part of your brain is calling you coward, and ugly,... Continue Reading →


In this wave of social media, people leave nothing and no one, be it comparing BJP with Congress, or popularising Priya Prakash varrier, breaking Kylie Jenner's Instagram record or trolling Sonam Kapoor because she has small boobs. apart from trolling, comparing and making people famous for no reason, the thing that irritates me to the... Continue Reading →


'A mad man beats his wife daily', 'a mother beat his son to death for not passing the class',  'wife cussing and beating her husband on the road, in anger'. these thoughts come to our minds when we think of the word 'abuse'..we usually think about the physical abuse which means causing harm and injury... Continue Reading →


Every time he comes close with an intention to make love to me, I shut him off completely. he keeps calling me, I don't pick up. he keeps apologizing, I don't accept. he keeps saying he did it out of desperation, I don't listen.   then he gets tired of convincing me, and calls me... Continue Reading →

20 things I learned by 20

Adulting is definitely difficult, overwhelming and confusing. but one thing for sure, that I am loving it.   so 20 things which I learned by 20 are as follows- 1-you can't please everyone- this had to be number one. look, we have limited time so don't waste it in pleasing people who maybe don't even... Continue Reading →

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