अब राते तो बस एक बहाना है

अब राते तो बस एक बहाना है जिसको पा ना सके उसकी यादो में डूबने का अफसाना है कहते है शिद्दत से चाहो अगर किसी को तो मिल जाता है वो ऐसी कहावते तो बस एक झूठा सहारा है एक प्यार का भी एक अपना ही ज़माना है जब बीत जाए वो ज़माना तो बस... Continue Reading →



Did you ever had a dream which made you think really deep about the world beyond science and made you question reality?  Did you ever took your laptop and researched about the world of spirituality and the kinds of dreams you see. do you also have weird dreams like I do?do you also wonder why... Continue Reading →


I pulled him close and held him tight, yes, i kissed those lips in the moonlight. I don't know why it felt so right, why there was a calm in my soul and a different kind of shine in my eyes. I don't know anything, I just know that from now, I am yours and... Continue Reading →


And while telling him about what went wrong, I stopped in the middle, I stopped in the middle and didn’t say a word for a few seconds. Staring blankly at nowhere, I felt shattered. I thought I should better keep my feelings inside. That moment, I believed everything was a lie. After some time, He... Continue Reading →


And when I lost him, when everything came to an end, When I became numb, and life became wreck. But now the good times are here. My love, let’s once again dance without any fears. Let’s make hope and faith our support. Otherwise, life will only cause pain, and it will be a load.


Sometimes, when you don't want to think of the good times either. When you have been in the dark for not only months but years. When the path you once chose to walk on has vanished. Or when the calm in your soul is no longer present. When you feel that the whole universe is... Continue Reading →


you said you will always stand by my side, but where were you when I cried on the phone at midnight. where were you when I said “hey don’t leave my side”, where were you when I wanted to hear your voice. Where were you when I needed your hug, where were you when I... Continue Reading →

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