you said you will always stand by my side, but where were you when I cried on the phone at midnight. where were you when I said “hey don’t leave my side”, where were you when I wanted to hear your voice. Where were you when I needed your hug, where were you when I... Continue Reading →


  Months and years I’ve wasted Cursing what could have happened Playing blame games And regretting my methods. But as I grew older The realizations have become stronger And now I’ve drawn a fine line between Self-respect and torture. The thing is not that I am weak, It’s just that I want peace I can’t... Continue Reading →


And tonight, The moon wasn’t so bright The atmosphere was suffocating There was no light. The silence so deep That I couldn't even hear my own voice.   As if the sky was also sad, As if it also wanted you so bad.


cz when it's your time.you will bloom, you will bloom like the flowers in sunshine. after the bad days and gloomy nights, the things will be alright. In the darkness,you will find light.  


cz through your eyes I can see the universe, The eyes so deep that the ocean is jealous. And I would love to dive into your heart full of secrets, Baby you are an adventure, you are mysterious. But I know that in this life I can never be your girl, cz this kind of... Continue Reading →


That corner of my home which knows all my secrets, Where I’ve cried rivers, where I’ve celebrated. That corner knows everything from dusk to dawn, Things I did right and things that have gone wrong. That corner knows my victory, that corner knows when I failed. That corner sometimes bores me, that same corner entertains.... Continue Reading →


When every day feels like a struggle, When your life seems messed up, You do things that aren't right When you feel how tough is life. You talk too much or not at all, You feel like maybe it is your fault, You doubt yourself, and you hate yourself for this You start thinking about... Continue Reading →

Grudges and Scars

Because if there is good, there is also bad. Some people will uplift, and some will stab. But I suggest you to forgive them, and leave them with their dubiousness. Because that's not who you are, To hold grudges, and to regret every scar.  

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